When you are ready to ditch the

Negative and Limiting Beliefs

Tranceformed Life Program

If you're ready to live your best life

The Tranceformed Life Program eliminates stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, where we utilize the power of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, and Timeline therapy to help you live the life you deserve.

Do you feel like you're stuck in life? Do limiting beliefs and negative emotions hold you back from reaching your full potential?

If so, our program is here to help.

We understand that life can be challenging and that past experiences and negative thoughts can weigh you down. That's why our program addresses these pain points, freeing you from the chains that hold you back.

Imagine feeling a weight lifted off your shoulders as you release the past and embrace a brighter future. Our program is designed to help you visualize this freedom, using a combination of techniques that tap into your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses.

The Program includes:

  • Hypnotherapy sessions to help you eliminate limiting beliefs and negative emotions, reducing stress and increasing motivation.
  • Neuro linguistic programming to help you reframe negative thoughts and create a positive mindset.
  • Timeline therapy to help you release past experiences that hold you back, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

With our program, you'll be empowered to make positive changes in your life, achieve your goals, and live the life you deserve.

Don't wait any longer to live a life free from limitations. Sign up for our program today and start your journey towards a brighter future.


Thanks to Wayne I am feeling really confident and looking forward to my new life. I have been a substance abuser my whole adult life Thanks to Wayne I am feeling really confident and looking forward to my new life. I feel I had tried everything possible to kick the addictions but I still craved / thought / pictured / dreamt of always using. During and now at the completion of Wayne's sessions all my thoughts and even my dreams are completely different now as he has given me several pathways to go down and not just the addict lifestyle. Thanks Wayne

Kerrie-Ann - Airlie Beach

"Knowing I needed outside help in dealing with my mental health, I was fortunate to find Wayne.

I was welcomed with open arms, no judgement and immense amount of support.

The program that Wayne provided for me gave me the tools to help me cope with my life. He helped me find my spark, and gave me a future to put goals towards.

I have no doubt that without the help I received I would not be in the place in my life I am today. I can now live a grateful, happy life that is free from my past. I recommend Wayne and his work very highly."

Bodine - Mareeba

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